Everyone has his/her style of expression.

Esra manifests her inner strong woman through triathlon. She’s interested in how much she pushes her boundaries - not about how cold the water is, how hard the wind blows, or how sore her feet are. As she takes confident steps towards a series of future contests and her goal of the “Olympics,” we spend a (busy) day with her at ENKA Sports Club. At the end of the day, she says, “I respect myself, that’s why I’m here.” It’s impossible not to be impressed by how well she knows what she wants. She’s so goal-oriented and self-confident that you strive to be a bit surer of yourself when you’re with her.

Esra dedicates each day to train her body, again and again. The words “faster, better, stronger” echo in her mind. “No obstacle can stop you when you focus on the thing at hand.” One hesitates to ask “How?” If one person can discipline his/her mind and body as much as she can, you cannot help but say “Me, too!” You feel braver even if a bit afraid. You only feel empowered by Esra’s strength. “It’s all in your head. If you say, ‘this is all I’ve got’ then you stay where you are. But if you aim higher, there’s no limit to what you can do with self-confidence. You need to believe in yourself and push the limits as far as you can.”

“I’m interested in how much I push myself,” says Esra. What we’re trying to say may sound utopic if you haven’t look at the photographs of this story. We can almost hear you say “Robotic” – maybe not loudly but surely. Esra’s feminine attitude is ready to crush all sports clichés and taboos about women in your mind. Her endless joy, limitless energy and fearless laugh are hidden in her bravery. You ask “How?” There’s only one answer to Esra’s fierce self-confidence: “I believe in more.”
Creative Direction: Berkutay Günel, Duygu Bengi
Photography: Zeynep Özkanca
Styling: Burak Sanuk
Hair: Talat Kıvrak
Make Up: Orbay Baş