Black Mirror, Once Again!

Arts & CultureNewsNovember 29, 2017
Black Mirror, Once Again!
Black Mirror, Once Again!

Black Mirror, the sensational TV show that goes beyond the concepts of augmented and virtual reality, has become a hot topic with its fourth season.

For those of who you haven’t seen the show, Black Mirror is a dystopic fiction that shows us what advanced technologies and the digital age (will) offer us and what might happen to humanity after that. Having become a hit with different directors and cast for each episode, the British production has even received praise from Stephen King.

Focusing on the same main theme in every episode/season despite changing directors and cast, the show presents us with a rather pessimistic mirror and creates an awareness for what might happen, showing how we’ll turn into virtual individuals with technology.

The episodes of season four have been announced – Archangel, USS Callister, Crocodile, Hand the DJ, Metal Head and Black Museum. Excitedly awaited so far, Black Mirror has released a trailer for Season 4 Episode 3 (Crocodile).

The episode portrays the revelation of the secret of a woman (Andrea Riseborough) who accesses her memories to investigate an accident, showing how digitization no longer keeps memories private or hidden. Be prepared to try and solve the conundrum with the characters as you watch the show.

Author: Naz Ohri