Disturbing In The Best Way

UnframedJune 9, 2022
Disturbing In The Best Way

The first thing that attracts attention in the works of Japanese artist Sawako Kabuki is sexuality. According to the illustrator,art that has a passionate message of wanting to change the world is
definitely strong. But also it can be meaningless and silly.

Shuttles between Tokyo and New York, Sawako Kabuki makes her work look over and over again with her provocative drawings and hypnotic style. She pushes the boundaries of comfort by depicting female bodies masturbating, defecating and even vomiting. According to her, sexuality has been present in all of our lives since childhood: “As children, we are all fascinated and fond of things like ‘poop’ and ‘peeing’ and the kind of ‘sexiness’ that surrounds them. I still feel that way and that’s why I draw things like this.”

Regardless of the role of art, it is possible to say that Kabuki has radically determined her own style. In her own words: Lots of butts.

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Author: Sıla Sağlam