I Am Moody

LifestyleMarch 6, 2017
I Am Moody

“There is only one thing that defines time: MY MOOD!” This sentence is engraved in my brain, repeating itself countless times… We’re in Milan where Saat & Saat takes another bold step, buying a world- renowned brand, opening up to the international market. Welder’s dynamic spirit brings a new perspective. The Moody collection is the first substantial step for this new beginning. The trademark of this collection is the dial plate that changes according to the color of your outfit, bouncing light from it’s photochromic glass, creating a compatible watch.

The founder of the brand Italo Fontana says: “The creative process is constructed of many lows and highs. They all carry different feelings.” Just like life itself…

Welder’s seeker soul that searches for an inspiring future as opposed to hiding behind it’s past with many roots, gains more meaning on the streets of Milan that fearlessly reflect it’s sublime history. Time doesn’t stop, the only thing that leads it is our mood. It doesn’t make a difference that it’s 10 o’clock on a Thursday… I am in the weekend mood with the energy surrounding me. What I’m faced with is a brand that understands the millennial soul as best as it can. The brand ambassadors that they call “gang,” reflects the multi-voiced spirit of the brand; the Italian actor Edoardo Purgatori, a new generation musician Evrencan Gu¨ndu¨z and I?stanbul’s it-girl Ezgi Bozkurt are only a few striking names from the members. They point to a crew that is interested in different and new things in a world filled with similarities. Our minds are distracted in many directions even though we’re all at the same place at that moment.

Evrencan can easily have an affect on your with his sincerity and manner… He is one of those who live life with a trial-error attitude while finding his own truth… I’m sure of it! I ask him, “How do you continue once you realize you’ve made a mistake?” “First of all when I realize I’ve made a mistake, I admit that it is a mistake and I don’t abstain from apologizing. I try to learn what the right way is. I follow a path of correction and try not to repeat the same mistake again. I also learn my lesson from it.” he says. However what needs underlining is as follows: “I know I shouldn’t fear making a mistake because mistakes are a way to learn and progress.” It’s personal growth that shows how much you know, not time.

Ezgi Bozkurt’s name is frequently mentioned in sentences regarding style in I?stanbul. Capturing fashion has to do with capturing time as well. I ask Ezgi, what it means for her to be in the moment. She says “I’m a person who constantly dreams and creates new projects in her mind. Since I am inpatient rather than being hardworking, I begin working an planning in that instant. Whether I succeed or not, having worked for my dream has been the basis of my character and the way I’ve formed my life. Also for sharing my feelings and working towards something… I know it’s unnecessary to wait for tomorrow. To me ‘being in the moment’ means treasuring the value of what you have.” Time is more significant while being in the moment as opposed to making bold statements about it…

Edoarda Purgatori is an Italian member of the Gang… It is more encouraging to hear him talk about his film projects than talking about the film sector we have now… I ask him how he would define his current mood and what has been his biggest concern lately. He says “I’ve been in many ‘moods’ in the last couple of months. Most of them fun, happy, hopeful and joyful. My acting career is in the rise with the worldwide and local success of all the cinema, TV and theatre projects that I’ve been a part of. I’m finally reaping the fruits that I’ve sown.” “Right now I’m in two different film project simultaneously; one of them is an adaptation of a play, the other one is a brand new film project we’ve been working on with my brother. That’s why I can easily say that time hold a very big and special place in my life. It’s existentially important for me to figure out how much time and energy I need to spend on a project while using my time affectively. I’m sure 2017 is going to be a very important milestone for my career” he says, excitedly. Time makes the most sense when you identify it with hope.

What matters is what you feel as oppose to what time shows. Your preferences may change, you may try a lot while achieving very little. What is important is that you go your own way. And now, you can repeat this for yourself: “There is only one thing that makes time valuable and that is my mood.”

Author: Duygu Bengi