Roles are Redistributed in the French Movie Industry

NewsMay 18, 2018
Roles are Redistributed in the French Movie Industry

This year, Cannes Film Festival has a busy agenda. Beginning with a few new regulations such as the ban on selfies and an emergency line for sexual harassment, Cannes Film Festival became the headline with protests as well.

As the 71 st Cannes Film Festival continues to be talks about for protests by famous women to emphasize discrimination and inequality in the industry, a group of 16 African-American actresses, who demands the redistribution of roles both in the movie industry and in social life with the Me Too movement, carried out a protest to eliminate the racist discrimination they’ve experienced in the French movie industry. The artists at the festival also continued to support the “Times Up” movement started against harassment and gender inequality in Hollywood. Announcing that certain measures have been taken in the cinema industry especially after the revelation of the fact that American producer Harvey Weinstein has harassed, attacked and raped a number of women in the movie industry, the festival management distributed leaflets with information about sexual harassment in addition to emergency numbers.

Author: Yağmur Koç