11 am with Nilperi Şahinkaya

PeopleMarch 1, 2016
11 am with Nilperi Şahinkaya

Nilperi is aware of the value of living life in the moment, she is one of those who know the importance of being as “fresh” as possible, renewing herself, staying active and dynamic. Maybe this is the reason why she turned to drinking cleansing drinks into a ritual. We met up with Nilperi right around this time!

Your favorite time of day?

11 in the morning.

Who with?

I am alone.


I’m at Jüs.

What are you doing?

After a walk on the coast between Arnavutköy and Bebek, I go for a cleansing drink to continue the feeling of being fresh, which is how I start my day. My address for that is Jüs!

Happiest moment?

Any moment I’m connected to life.

If we ask for a moment you wanted to last forever, which one would you take us to?

I’m living this period of my life exactly like that… I’m constantly highly aware of everything… I feel like I am a part of life itself… I wake up everyday with great enthusiasm and excitement… In an interesting way, life rewards me with many beautiful surprises in return. I might say I experience the philosophy of “What you give is what you get.” This is it; it’s a wonderful feeling!

Who makes time stop for you?

When I’m home by myself, with my headphones on, listening to music, watching the view; that’s when time stops…

How do you describe being in the moment?

When I’m in the moment, a voice in me suddenly says “Whatever happens, everything is and will be alright.” I feel joy because of the peace and confidence this feeling gives me.


What do you do on a day when you have a lot of time on your hands? 

I wake up early… I meditate. I play music in the house, search for new theatre plays, exhibitions, music, concerts… If the weather is nice, I wıll go for a walk and go to Cihangir to get a cleansing drink from Jüs. Later, the day continues by meet- ing up with my friends or reading a book at a newly discovered cafe. I see a play whenever possible, the best thing to do in the evening is discovering new theatre shows, new plays, new stories! Sometimes I lock myself in the house and watch 3-4 films in a row.

What does it mean to spare time for someone?

For me “to spare time for someone” is to offer a piece of the cake from your life to someone you love.

Your future expectations/plans?

I hope to think/feel at least like how I do now in this period for the rest of my life. I hope to be full of love, live with awareness, accept myself as who I am, feel strong. I would like to create and grow with my beloved ones. I hope to remember that I always get up even though I fall. I hope to open life ev- eryday like a surprise gift, till the end…

Author: Duygu Bengi