From Ocean Waste to Handbag: Vionnet x Marc Quinn

Arts & CultureMay 28, 2018
From Ocean Waste to Handbag: Vionnet x Marc Quinn

If we consider that fashion has a say in sociocultural economy, then we should also accept that it’s one of the leading industries to influence consumption trends. Since the fashion industry is so embedded in economy, we should also remain in contact with the concept of sustainability in global production. Considering that technology a potential to create eco-friendly solutions, the designers and the fashion houses in the industry also features many collaborations to fight pollution and to minimize waste by manufacturing sustainable products.

One of its newest examples is the “Sustainable Surf” collection created in collaboration with France- based fashion house Vionnet and British visual artist Marc Quinn. Having met when they were collecting plastic waste by the ocean, Marc Quinn and Vionnet’s founder Goga Ashkenazi contribute to the most sensitive collaboration in recent times with this collection which aims to raise awareness of harmful materials that are created the decay of plastic bags by humans. Emphasizing that plastic bags are made from oil, Quinn says, “I wanted to make a pile of bags which will change the perception of a big pile of waste.”

The collection is made with sustainable ingredients including ecological leather, cotton poplin and recycled plastic. In addition to clothes, the sustainable collection also includes Sea2See eyewear brand. Glass frames made with 100% recycled plastic from the oceans are among the highlights of the collection. The 50% of the collection’s income will be donated to the foundation of Parley for the Oceans.

Author: Yağmur Koç