Tropical Subculture: Sofi Tukker

MusicMay 28, 2018
Tropical Subculture: Sofi Tukker

We know them by their funky electro-style percussions, energetic live shows and charming music videos. In their new album “Treehouse” they introduce a rebel spirit along with the tropical vibes felt through their sounds and visuals. Here is a quick interview with them!

What is your favorite instrument?

Sophie: Kora

Tucker: Bass

What is the first instrument that you ever had?

Sophie: Piano

Tucker: Drum-set

What is the first song that you performed in front of a crowd?

Tucker: All the Small Things by Blink-182

Sophie: Dance Dance Dance by The Amazon Girls

Tucker: That was Sophie’s band (laughs).

What is the greatest song about love?

Tucker: Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”

Sophie: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John

Tucker: I love Elton John. That’s our guy!

What is your dream place to live?

Tucker: Somewhere tropical with a person that I love.

Sophie: I was going to say Dominican Republic!

Tucker: It could be there. That would also work.

Sophie: But also, Brazil. I am going to go with Brasil.

Tucker: I will take the Dominican then.

Your favorite movie is…

Tucker: The Mighty Ducks: D2

Sophie: What I have seen recently, really random, Babel!

Your favorite music video?

Tucker: M.I.A’s “Bad Girls.”

Sophie: The Blaze’s “Territory.”

Do you have any embarrassing moments from your live shows?

Sophie: Yeah!

Tucker: What?

Sophie: There is one moment I was kind of out of my mind of the gig. It ended up deciding that it would be a good idea to do crowd surf, like in the strange part of the set. Also, I went like boobs first instead of I usually go on my back. And the crowd was really really far away.

Tucker: So, she hit the barrier! (laughs)

Sophie: I hit the barrier. My shins were completely bruised.

 Who is the queen of pop?

Tucker: Madonna

Sophie: I would also go with Madonna. I just watched “Truth Or Dare” and I re-obsessed with her.

What is the last track that you have listened?

Tucker: It was Rokky’s “Sunshine.” It is actually not out yet. But it’s one of our good friends. We helped her with some of her music. We are starting a label and she is one of the artists.

What is your favorite track to play live?

Tucker: I love older tracks. Batshit! Is the new song from us, it is especially fun for us I like the lead sing.

Sophie: I would say Batshit too. It is just good dance track.

Tucker: It is a fun song.

Who are the “they” in your “F*ck They” track?

Tucker: (laughs) Who is they? I don’t a f*ck about they.

Sophie: They is like anybody and everybody. It is just anybody who thinks they know what you should do and how you should act.

Tucker: People that don’t let you be yourself. If someone is trying to hold you back from being yourself, and they are acting as “they”. Obviously, we don’t mean f*ck everybody. But you know, if someone is not letting us shine, be ourselves than “F*ck They.”

What is the weirdest track that you ever played live?

Sophie: We use to play Fade, we used to play Kanye.

Tucker: Yeah, we did a cover of Fade.

Sophie: And I had to change all the lyrics to make them appropriate for a woman to sing them.

Tucker: Yeah it was pretty funny.

Sophie: Bizarre.

Author: Ozan Tezvaran