Gözde Mutluer

PeopleSeptember 1, 2015
Gözde Mutluer

You know Gözde Mutluer through her acting career but you also need to know her paintings. Experimenting with different forms of art, Gözde holds a mirror up to her inner world through the surreal women in her paintings.

What do you do?

I make discoveries about feelings, I’m lucky that I can express them through painting and acting. I’ve been painting women for a while. Women who need to stop and breathe more.

Which painting?

“Ghismonda with the Heart of Guiscardo” by Bernardino Mei. It struck me at first sight. It was painted in 1600s. Believe me, I’m not being exaggerative but it somehow makes me examine every detail at length every time I look at it.

One musician you cannot live without?

Actually, I cannot think I can live without music ever since I began listening to music. Yet, I cannot choose a single musician or a genre. However, I can choose an instrument and it would be piano!

Film scene?


Alice: I don’t like you anymore.

Dan: Since when?

Alice: Now.

Greatest adaptation from book to film?

“The Reader” might be the only movie I’ve been impressed more than the book version. I said “It bended my imagination” when I saw it.

Television show?

Even though they are not considered TV shows, TED Talks make me feel that I’m not killing time while watching TV.

One book?

“The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God” by Etgar Keret. It was the first Keret book I read, it consists of short stories.



One app you cannot live without?

Instagram. I like spending time with images. I mean, I look at them as if looking at the books by artists, photographers. I’m not interested in who goes where with whom at all.

What is your screensaver?

It’s a painting I made last year.

Which living person do you most admire and why?

Miranda July, because she can express herself through every branch of art and that’s a point I want to reach in my life.

What is your favourite word?

“Good morning.” It’s a unit of measurement of kindness.

What do you most dislike about your appearance?

The things I didn’t like about myself turned into the things, which make me myself in time. Therefore my answer is nothing.

Author: Duygu Bengi