Lara Kamhi

PeopleMarch 11, 2016
Lara Kamhi

When we were kids, “to get over one’s head” sounded like it had a subtext of “thinking highly of
yourself” rather than being just a skill. Today, it makes us stop and look up to the person of subject. Let’s listen to Lara…

Prizma..? How was it established, what is it, what is it not?
Prizma is an alternative art initiative with a focus on cinematic arts that Eli Kasavi and I formed in collaboration. After a 9 exhibition program which was specific to our space, we are in the process of finding a location that fits the needs of the exhibition. We also have a production company within the scope of Prizma where we began to shoot music videos and produce spiral visual designs for sets and stages.

What are the differences between your childhood dreams and your current dreams for the future?
Like it is in my works, although the medium changes, my main quest does not, it only matures. Thanks to the journey from theatre to music, from music to cinema, from cinema to comtemporary art, I met a humongous ocean of ways to express myself.

What is the biggest difficulty you face as an artist?
Starting a sentence with ‘as an artist’ is uncomfortable for me as an example. Unfortunately, the identity of an artist can create complex emotions and be confusing in daily life.

What makes an artwork beautiful to you?
The artwork’s ability to be comprehended with telepathy.

What is the nicest exhibition you have seen lately in Istanbul?
Canan’s Işıl Işıl Karanlık exhibition at Rampa.

What’s a song that will get you in the mood before going to a party?
Donna Summer, “I Feel Love.”

Fotoğraf / Photography: Fora Norman

An artist we have to know about before s/he gets extremely famous?
Bahar Yürükoğlu.
A foreign movie to change the minds of those who say “I would never watch a movie with subtitles?”
Sorrentino, La Grande Belleza.

How do you interpret the art scene in Istanbul in 5 years?
It seems like the art world is changing hands. The decreasing number of galleries vs the increasing number of independent initiatives are showing of this. Thanks to this there is finally recognition in the field of new media arts. With a little bit of delay, finally the media arts are getting attention. If I have to be optimistic, these are good news for 5 years into the future.

The best party / event you’ve been to lately?
I don’t often go to parties or events to be honest. I prefer intimate and small organizations. And the best ones for this kind are those that are coincidental. For example, the conversation over having fish after an exhibition in Balat two days ago was great.

Fotoğraf / Photography: Fora Norman
Author: Duygu Bengi