Today’s Dream Job: Emoji Translator

NewsJuly 1, 2017
Today’s Dream Job: Emoji Translator

How many times a day do you use an emoji? Have you ever thought that you can earn money from emoji? No, we’re not talking about design – just by using it.

Last December, when London-based translation company Today Translations published a job advertisement titled “Emoji Translator,” it signified a milestone. The fact that it was a first in the industry and that everyone would like to have such a fun job resulted in over 500 applications for the job which was in the end given to Keith Broni. You cannot be an expert in this – at least for now. And yes, the required qualifications are also a bit conflicting. But while breaking new ground, Broni became a future reference point. His master’s degree in Business Psychology would play active role in determining the individual’s choice of emoji and the brands’ interaction with this phenomenon. His passion for emoji was doubtless a plus.

The interviews began with a test on the meanings of emoji and continued up until the question “How would you put together an emoji handbook?” Though their meanings change from country to country, this development made us more excited about the fact that emoji is the youngest and most global language. It’s a modern talent to be able to use emoji, which display sensitive changes based on societies, individuals and areas of use, at the right time and for the right group. [It’d be right to use the thumbs-up emoji here.]

Listen to Keith Broni for the proper way to use emoji. Though we mostly use them when we don’t have anything better to say, emoji is becoming the language of the future.


Author: Bilge Bengi