Tolga Sezgin

PeopleOctober 1, 2015
Tolga Sezgin

Tolga Sezgin is a familiar name for those keeping up with the rhythm of the city. Some of you may already know it, Tolga has the right answers for many questions related to fashion, night life, travel and music. We directed some questions to Tolga, whose personal tastes have always been an issue of concern. 


Fashion for you is?

Peaceful and simple looks are the best fashion trend for me.

Fashion icon?

Jane Birkin.


Preferred fashion designer?

Hedi Slimane.


The sexiest thing you own?

My Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Your greatest extravagance?

The irresistible passion I feel for shoes.


The most sexual thing a woman can wear?



Favorite perfume?

Costume National.


Favorite soundtrack?

Bang Bang.

One musician you cannot live without?

Sezen Aksu.

Perfect escape?

New York! It’s a city that surprises me somehow every time I go there. It keeps changing all the time just like a naughty child. You can always see the newest and the first things there. Maybe its variable mood is what enchains me.


Favourite night club?

Electric Room, New York. It’s a club with cool people and cool music. Plus it has the best entrance.

A perfect night cannot be without…

Patron tequila.


Your most precious possession?

My family and friends.

One word you most frequently use?



Author: Duygu Bengi