Barbie Ferreira

PeopleNovember 1, 2015
Barbie Ferreira

Barbie Ferreira is not complicit to the norms of modeling, and then Ms. Ferreira is not at all complicit
in the rituals of staying silent as one might expect of a model these days. Her Snapchat is the liveliest point of interaction where you can tune in to 200-second Snapchats nightly. She is raw, audacious, and only 18.

You are on a desert island with 100 others; you only have one-day worth of battery on your phone, which app would take priority?
I feel like I would probably use Instagram. I could DM my friends and also post pictures of me being deserted on an island with my location on. With the caption “save me!”

Most memorable Snapchat moment?
Any time a girl sends me videos of her talking about her personal experiences and how seeing someone who she can relate to in the media helps her is always memorable. It keeps me going.

Where did you grow up? How did you get here? You are only 18!
I grew up in a lot of places but I was born in Spanish Harlem, NYC. Moved around the city a bit until my mom and I settled in Astoria, Queens until I was 12/13 and then I moved to NJ for high school. I moved back to New York a few months after I graduated. I moved out of my mom’s house to Manhattan again so now I’m downtown. So I’ve always been around and I’ve wanted to move into the city for a while now.

Oddest Tinder moment?
I downloaded it a few weeks ago since I was bored and also to make twitter jokes since people tell me it’s funny. I found the Kinder chocolate kid on it!! I tweeted it and it went viral. I deleted it though since I feel like most guys on there aren’t really my types and I don’t really want to actively pursue anyone right now.

Four words; youth, instagram, NYC and feminism. What instantly comes to your mind?
My life! Minus Instagram, I use Instagram as more of a business card and for fun. But NYC, feminism and youth inspire me because it is so relevant to me. I am a feminist young woman in NYC hustling!

Your least favourite app?
Facebook… I feel like a grandma working it. I’m all like; “what do all these buttons do,” to all my friends constantly when I’m on it.

Will you always continue your love affair with social media into your twenties and thirties?
ure! I think social media is so common now that everyone has one. My grandpas in Brazil have

Oddest Instragram or Snapchat moment?
This guy sends me the weirdest nudes every single day on Snapchat with the creepiest smile. I’ve accidentally opened it a couple of times and anyone can send me snaps because its public.

Author: Tabitha Karp