From One Creative to Another

FashionOctober 6, 2017
From One Creative to Another

From directing to styling Florence Tétier shapes every process of creative production. She embodies her vision in very brilliant and captivating ways. As creative minds must feed themselves unceasingly, we asked to Florence Tétier, the Creative Director, Editor-in-Chief and Co-founder of Novembre Magazine, how she makes that possible.

FLORENCE TÉTIER in conversation with SERRA DURAN
Is it difficult for you to create a language of one kind?

To be honest I don’t really think of it that way. I just do my thing and I guess it speaks for itself and has its own language.

You’re working with an established brand. How do you develop a solid understanding of what it is and where it’s going?

It’s a tricky question because if the brand is already established then my role will be to keep this as it is, and to keep it working or make it change completely… So it’s either about understanding the brand fully and helping them on their path or changing things and bringing new blood into the company. Both are really interesting to me because either way it’s a challenge.

When did you first called yourself as creative director?

A few years ago when I realized that is what I was doing with Novembre, not only because I was one of the founders but because I was shaping it daily.

Favorite work of yours?

Novembre, and any picture I take together with Nicolas Coulomb

If you weren’t creative director what would you do?

Probably a floweriest.

What exactly made you decide to launch these magazines?

There was nothing at the time in Switzerland for young creative minds (including us) to show their work.

Did L’ECAL fed you enough to craft yourself about what you are doing today?

Sure, it was a creativity hub and still is. I’m happy to be a student there and also I’m a teacher there now.

Tell us about some brands you admire. What makes them stand out for you personally?

I love brands like Acne, because they develop not just fashion but also a whole visual world and other inspiring things around it like magazines, photography, art…

You’re developing a new project. Where do you start?

By asking A LOT of questions of questions to the people involved and try to answer them all.

How do you train your eye?

Every day I guess, but not on purpose. It’s just what I do.

Author: Serra Duran