A place like nowhere! – Hazal Filiz Küçükköse

UnframedOctober 6, 2017
A place like nowhere! – Hazal Filiz Küçükköse

We decide to take Hazal out of the high-tempo life she’s been living. Even if for a few hours, we eliminate the perception of place and time. When she’s by herself, one can easily see her confident steps and passion for acting!

Do you have any concerns or worries as to how to perform a story?

For me, the whole thing is about to perform the story and the character properly. When I play a new character, I worry about knowing everything about her, empathizing with her, and making her three-dimensional, someone with a clear silhouette.

What happens when you are offered projects that limit your acting?

I abstain from playing similar characters. Gaining new experiences and reflecting new colors rather than repeating myself is the most enjoyable aspect of this job.


How do you renew yourself as you work on different characters? Can you tell us about how you relax your body and mind?

Meditation helps a lot in this regard. I cleanse my energy and create a mental emptiness. I talk to myself, ask questions and guess answers about the character to get in her mind. Next comes observation. I even experiment with the people around me to see how real people would react to my character’s behaviors.

You work a lot to improve your acting. What motivates you? Can you tell us about your dreams?

I think my passion is to see all kinds of stories (whether happy or sad) and emotions to be realized in these characters I play. This must be a subconscious motivation to improve my acting.

What helped you attain this momentum?

There may have been many factors but the most important thing is to love everything you do. Everything is shaped by this feeling. Loving what you do, working for it and putting an effort to it.


Do you often think about or plan for the future?

I do have long-term goals but I prefer to be spontaneous on the way; it makes me happier. I enjoy surprises; it’s much harder and tiresome to try and put things in a pattern – it usually leads me to underperform. Instead of this, using my options more efficiently creates a bigger influence on my life.

We’re in an age where the use of screens is transforming. How much luck do you think TV has throughout this change?

Due to my busy schedule, I only turn on the TV when I watch my series. Other than that, smartphones meet most of our needs in this regard. Sometimes, I watch my favorite TV show on my phone when we’re on a break from filming.

Ceket ve Gömlek: MEHTAP ELAIDI

Where will we see you, when you say “I should stop now”?

I don’t know how I’ll feel when that time comes but if I’m feeling or saying “I should stop here” then it means I’m where I want to be, feeling what I want to feel. Emotions are our biggest asset; they’re one of the most crucial elements to shape our lives.

Interviewed by DUYGU BENGİ
Photographed by FORA NORMAN | Styled by MERT YEMENİCİOĞLU | Hair by MUSTAFA AKGÜL | Makeup by NUVIT
Author: Based Istanbul