Triple RRR: A Love Letter to Family

NewsJuly 7, 2018
Triple RRR: A Love Letter to Family

Cavalli last name is a very familiar name in the fashion world. Robert Cavalli is the youngest son of Roberto and Eva Cavalli. It is always a question if he was going to follow his father’s step by building an empire and he did. He made his debut with his brand, Triple RRR in Pitti Uomo which brought him many attentions. Triple RRR is a is a luxury menswear brand. For Robert Cavalli Triple RRR means 3 most important R’s in his life, Robert, Roberto and his brand. The brand cantered around robes, poetic embroiders and tuxedos. Now it’s time for round two for Triple RRR.

Robert Cavalli’s second collection is all about love for his family. With his new collection, he celebrates his roots by his personal memories. The collecting hints many events in the Cavalli family. He shows his love for them by twisting the Word “Cavalli” which means horse in Italian. “I am horses baby” becomes the motto for his collection. In 1977, at a beauty pageant, Roberto and Eva Cavalli fell in love. Eva won the competition and became Miss Austria and she met Roberto who was in the jury. “Vote for Eva” is another slogan in the collection. This is his way of saying I love you to his family by dedicating his entire collection to them. With his Italian roots and British education, he represents a collection filled with taste. The prints in the collection are all about his memories with his family like photo album from his childhood and many more… The collection is filled with silk shirts, robes and edgy overalls with pastel hues. The concept behind the brand is “loungewear” which represents comfort in elegance. The collection is chic and very Italian in so many ways. Triple RRR has a free spirit as a brand and it is all about love, memories and family.

Author: Zeynep Sahin